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We are one of NI leading laboratories, providing analytical and biological testing services in the field of microbiology and chemistry in foods, water, environment, agriculture and medicine. In addition, we also provide services in the field of sample collection, consultation and research. 

No Compromise



We deliver high-quality laboratory testing results using the most advanced technologies. At DPG-VeC, we place the needs of each individual client first and we emphasize service, diligence and professional expertise. We are always looking to optimize the accuracy of testing, the promptness of service, and our responsiveness to clients' needs.

Experienced Work Force



The People

DPG-VeC. employees operate together to achieve a high quality of work.

  • Chemistry Department - 12 chemists (3 Ph.D).
  • Microbiology Department - 8 microbiologists (4 Ph.D)
  • Phyto-diagnostics Department -3 phyto-diagnosticians (2 Ph.D)
  • Staff of certified samplers - 8 samplers.
  • Administrative and managerial staff - 18 managers.

State of Art Equipment



The laboratory utilizes modern and diverse equipment, in a designated structure  that includes:

  • GC systems with various detectors: (headspace facility, NPD, MS, FID, FPD, ECD).
  • HPLC systems with various detectors (Florescent and conductibility, RI, UV-VIS)
  • Atomic Absorption
  • LC MS/MS
  • Metals scanning by ICP
  • FTIR
  • TOC
  • Mercury Analyzer
  • Flow Injection
  • AOX instrument for testing organic compounds that contain halogens
  • ELISA instrument for implementing immunology methods.
  • Instrument for automatic sampling of sewage water.
  • Advanced computer system for managing laboratory operations.
  • RTPCR + PCR instrument for identification of photogenes and genetically modified organism (GMO) on plant material.