“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science

“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science

About Us


The history of DPG-VeC. Genetics & Life Science starts with the story of its founders, Dr. Devendra P. Gupta and Dr. Brian M. Dudley, who share a passion for helping family farmers solve their agronomic problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

DPG-VeC. G&Ls. develops innovative environmental friendly solutions for human nutrition, plant nutrition, crop protection and post-harvest. The company DPG-VeC. was founded in the Nicaragua as a merger of Dudley's foundation and VeC Inc. along with their research department of Sports-Health Nutrition. DPG-VeC. products have a patented formulation that guarantees optimal activity of the ingredients and excellent handling characteristics for the end-users.


For years, Brian had encouraged Professor Devendra to start their own venture, which would allow them to make full use of their technical knowledge of plant science and nematology, as well as the keen observation skills that allowed them to correctly diagnose the principal cause of any disease and identify the products that would enhance crop yields. 

In the early years of DPG-VeC., Doc Brian worked on a number of patents that enhanced cutting- edge plant growth technology. During this time, a number of scientists from around the world sought out Doc’s assistance in finding solutions to issues in their own patents they could not resolve.

This made it clear that Doc Brian’s patents could yield truly revolutionary agricultural products. But Brain and Devendra recognized that DPG-VeC. patents needed to be produced in an independent production facility in order to achieve their full potential. This resulted in the founding of Rein VeC+, The Future of Agriculture. In 2011, a factory was built to produce Doc Brain’s and Devendra cutting edge patented products.

With their dedicated leadership team, technical consultants and committed employees, work tirelessly to preserve the rich tradition of farming by providing cutting edge products and technologies to increase yields and enhance soil productivity beyond that of virgin soils. 

Big Deal

The Mission of DPG-VeC. G&Ls: To “Improve The Quality Of Life For Mankind By Providing Expeditious, Enlightened, Grower-Compatible Solutions To A Wide Range Of Debilitating, Economically-Impacting Problems In Agriculture And The Environment.” Customer interests, welfare and the continued progress of the Agricultural Industry are our primary concerns. 

The methodical approach to agricultural science and their business vision by eliminating guesswork in favor of precision, implementing unique data-driven programs, and producing cutting-edge patented products to enhance the production of crops in a mono-cultural agronomic arena. (genetics laboratory life science