“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science

“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science

Categorías de pruebas


Services / Servicios

Our testing services are always tailored to meet your individual analysis requirements, delivering high quality accredited laboratory analysis to demanding deadlines and budgets. We provide complete testing solutions and in-house dedicated microbiological, chemical, nutritional, environmental and consultancy operations to ensure the most complete laboratory analysis for our clients. DPG-VeC. provides testing in a wide variety of fields and sectors:

  • Chemical and microbiological analysis on food, drinking water, pools and sewage water.
  • Soil, sludge and waste water analysis in accordance with the requirements of the local bodies.
  • Analysis of food composition.
  • Pesticide residues analysis on agricultural crops and environmental samples. Decay analysis of Pesticide residues on different agricultural products.
  • Analysis of vitamins in food and pharmaceutical products, including LAL test.
  • Analysis of cosmetic products.
  • Phytopathological tests (on seeds, plants and grafts, etc.)
  • Mycotoxin analysis in food and wine.
  • Tests for residual allergens in food.
  • Specialization in testing soil, solid waste and soil gas.
  • Air pollution analysis (environmental protection)

In addition, we also provide services in the field of sampling, consultation and quality assurance.


The Logistics Department contains 14 samplers.


DPG-VeC. employs some of the best scientists and analysts in NI.

Quality Assurance 

At DPG-VeC., we have adopted the highest standards of Quality Assurance so that our clients know that this is our main priority. 

Phytopathology Testing / Pruebas fitopatológicas

We provide plant disease diagnostic services to a clients such as corporate farmers, greenhouse and nursery producers, landscape contractors, arborists, consultants, and any other group needing accurate identification of plant disease problems. The lab performs a wide variety of tests in:

  • Plant health

Environmental Testing / Pruebas ambientales

Our environmental testing laboratory tests client samples for trace chemical compounds and pollutants. Our very own environmental chemists operate state-of-the-art analytical instruments, testing to government, regulatory, and industry standards. We are proud to be a part of the global movement in environmental protection working closely with the Ministry to keep our environment clean and healthy. The lab performs a wide variety of tests:

  • Waste water
  • Soil and Sludge
  • Soil Gas
  • Air

Water & Food Testing / Pruebas de agua y alimentos

The chemical lab which is certified by the regulatory bodies has over 8 years experience testing in the field of chemistry, and vast experience in consulting and working with food factories, food exporters and importers and other food and water related bodies. The lab performs a wide variety of tests:

  • Microbiology
  • Food labeling
  • Pesticides Residuals
  • Allergens and toxins

Molecular Biology / Biología Molecular

With many years of experience in the seed health industry, we have always taken great pride in providing services of the highest quality to all our clients. We place a large emphasis on Research and Development to ensure we provide the most robust, accurate, and rapid testing services available in Molecular Biology testing. In addition to the wide range of tests, the lab is also equipped with a PCR instrument for identifying pathogens and genetically modified foods (GMO) based on hereditary material. The lab performs a wide variety of tests:

  • Plant Health
  • Veterinary
  • GMO

Pharmaceuticals & Food Supplements / Productos farmacéuticos y complementos alimenticios

In recent years, the lab has invested heavily in developing a pharmaceutical chemistry and food supplements department. This specialist department is part of the overall lab structure which covers an area of 1250 square meters. The department is equipped with a wide variety of modern instruments, including:  · Q-TRAP type AB LCMS/MS· ICP· GC/MS· HPLC systems· ELISA· and moreUsing the advanced LCMS/MS system, the lab tests for:

  • Metabolites, breakdown products of pharmaceutical raw materials and impurities.
  • Tests for raw materials and medications as per the current pharmacopoeia (BP, USP, EP, and more).
  • Testing for residual antibiotics in animals.

In addition, the lab has temperature and moisture controlled incubators for carrying out stability tests:

  • Long-term
  • Intermediate
  • Accelerated