“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science

“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science“(sociedad colectiva) limitada.” / life science

Nutrición deporte-salud


Extensive application of knowledge

DPG-VeC. G&Ls. Sports-Health Nutrition is undertaking research work to link the effects of ingredients and foods on the performance, physiology and achievements of athletes. The outcomes will be applied to improved sports nutrition as well as for food (ingredients) for healthy ageing and weight management and clinical foods.

Sports nutrition is a growing segment for a growing population of physically active consumers, both elite as well as amateur athletes. Next to that, the sports nutrition product category has a wide appeal to consumers with an interest in a healthy life style. From the sports nutrition segment much can be learned for other food categories such as weight management, healthy ageing, recovery, and clinical nutrition.


Accelerate innovative approach

DPG-VeC. G&Ls. is already heavily involved in targeted nutrition and brings in a long standing fresh experience and expertise on the effects of ingredients on gut health, of aromas and texture on satiation, drinkability, high density and mood foods, and, very convenient, can make test products at semi-industrial scale. Sports-Health Nutrition initiates, facilitates and realizes the development of innovative products and services for athletes. At DPG-VeC. G&Ls. new foods can be tested and linked to performance, physiology and achievement. Akshay: “We think that a lot can be achieved with food. The ambition of DPG-VeC. G&Ls. will yield tangible innovation and drive innovation in sports nutrition and other targeted nutrition”.

Our nutrition and sports science experts help performance nutrition companies to originate the Whey Protein formulations that best meet their customers’ needs. We work collaboratively to deliver solutions that hit that perfect commercial, nutritional and sensory sweet spot.


For better results

DPG-VeC. G&Ls. is convinced that food companies operating in the earlier mentioned food categories will make use of this cooperation. “DPG-VeC. G&Ls., hosts an extremely strong research expertise in food and nutrition. Together with the infrastructure for sport research in the NI a climate for innovation in sports and nutrition is facilitated: a unique opportunity to obtain healthy and sportsmanlike results!”.

We are actively researching a number of recovery processes including;

  • Repairing muscle post intensive exercise
  • Optimising muscle growth
  • Enhancing muscle glycogen re-synthesis
  • Restoring of fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Reducing illness and injury through enhanced immune modulation
  • Optimising oxidative stress to achieve maximum adaptation to training.